A Brush With Speed - Imagery for the 2023 Detroit Grand Prix


Detroit Grand Prix poster art for 2023.

The Dynamic Racing Illustrations of Douglas Tocco and Jim Tocco for the 2023 Detroit Grand Prix

In the heart of Motor City, the Detroit Grand Prix 2023 roared to life with a symphony of horsepower and screeching tires, captivating the audience with the adrenaline-fueled drama on the track. However, this year's event was not only defined by the thunderous engines and daring maneuvers; it was also captured through the vision of illustrator Douglas Tocco and designer Jim Tocco. Together, they crafted a collection of powerful images that encapsulated the essence of speed and competition.

Jim Tocco, known for his many years of creative work for the Grand Prix, teamed up with his friend and cousin, Douglas Tocco on a series of racing illustrations commemorating the long standing tradition of Detroit Racing.

One of the most captivating aspects of these illustrations was their ability to convey the sheer power of the machines hurtling through the Detroit streets. The vibrant colors and bold lines accentuated the dynamic nature of the race, creating a visual symphony that echoed the roar of engines and the speed of the vehicles. It was a fusion of art and adrenaline, a harmonious dance between the mechanical and the artistic.

Jim Tocco and Douglas Tocco's collaboration was a celebration of racing as an art form. It spoke to the artistry inherent in the sport, capturing not just the physicality of the race but the emotional resonance that reverberates through the entire event. The illustrations invite us to appreciate racing not just as a spectacle of speed but as a nuanced and beautifully complex artistic experience.

Detroit Grand Prix poster art for 2023.