GOOcommand, our latest children's entertainment adventure


GOOcommand: We Make Knowledge Stick!

In the enchanting universe of children's literature and entertainment, a new and captivating adventure has emerged – GOOcommand. This delightful experience, crafted by Notion Dynamics, unfolds across a spectrum of mediums, including books, board games, videos, and a myriad of other exciting projects that promise to engage and inspire young minds.

The Heart of the Adventure
At the core of GOOcommand lies a charming series of books that introduces readers to the lovable trio of extraterrestrial explorers – Wibble, Dibble, and Splattt. As these curious aliens traverse the cosmos, they stumble upon the vibrant and diverse children of Earth. Each book in the series is a portal to a world of imagination, friendship, and discovery, making it an ideal companion for young readers seeking both entertainment and valuable life lessons.

Interactive Board Games
GOOcommand extends its reach beyond the pages with a collection of interactive board games. Children can immerse themselves in the adventure, solving puzzles, overcoming challenges, and joining forces with Wibble, Dibble, and Splattt on their cosmic quest. These games not only entertain but also foster teamwork, critical thinking, and creativity.

Entertaining Videos
Enhancing the experience further, the adventure comes to life through entertaining videos. Animated renditions of Wibble, Dibble, and Splattt's escapades bring a visual dimension to the storytelling, making it an engaging and immersive experience for young viewers. The vibrant animation and captivating narratives make GOOcommand a must-watch for families seeking quality entertainment.

Exciting Projects Beyond the Pages
GOOcommand is not limited to traditional formats. The adventure expands into exciting projects that cater to various learning styles and interests. From arts and crafts to interactive workshops, these projects provide a hands-on approach to education and entertainment, allowing children to explore their creativity and curiosity.

Available now, GOOcommand is set to become a cherished favorite among families and educators alike. For those eager to embark on this cosmic journey, Two books are currently avaialble from

As Notion Dynamics continues its commitment to creating enriching content for young minds, GOOcommand stands as a testament to the power of storytelling and imaginative exploration in shaping the future of our youngest generation.

Experience the cosmic odyssey of GOOcommand unfolding in the hearts and minds of children everywhere!