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NotionScapeTM gives you the edge by providing a totally immersive, fully rendered experience. Instead of a predetermined sequential, animated walkthrough, we produce a fully interactive environment that you and your client can explore at will. NotionScapesTM are virtual reality playgrounds designed to put you in total control of your next presentation.
Install our simply browser plug-in here, then select a sample from the menu on your left.

The uses for notionScapeTM are virtually endless. They can be beneficial as architectural demonstrations, museum environments, product design, proof of concept, training, education, or interactive games. We can create unique ways to present your concept using notionScapeTM.

Methods of Viewing and Distributing notionScapesTM
NotionScapesTM are available in three different formats. First we offer a standalone version for PC or Mac that requires no special software to run. This works well for kiosks or live demonstrations. Second we have our web version that loads through a standard browser similar to the samples shown on your left. Playing through the Internet makes them available instantly all around the world. Our third format is an iOS or Android version for smart devices when you need to take your presentation with you anywhere.

Requirements For Viewing notionScapesTM
Download times vary depending on your connection speeds. A DSL connection or better is needed for faster download results. Higher end graphics cards will allow faster and smoother playback. Here is a list of preferred minimum equipment to ensure optimum viewing and control:

Windows 2000 or later; Mac OS X 10.4 or later.
Intel i5 CPU
2GB system ram
3D graphics card with 256MB onboard memory
Browsers, including IE, Firefox and Safari. Chrome is no longer supported.
2 button mouse with scroll wheel recommended for greater control.

Browser plug-in must be installed for browser version. You may install from here.

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