What is notionReality?
It's our version of Augmented Reality (AR). If you're not familiar with AR, It's a special technology that allows 3d interactive content to be linked to target images using a smart device such as an iPad. This can add extraordinary effects to an otherwise simple product.

Below is a demonstration of the AR that we are creating for a series of children's products called: Wibble, Dibble & Splattt!


See it for yourself today by downloading our free Preview APP called: "Wibble, Dibble & Splattt" available on the Apple and Google Play app stores.

After installing, run the APP, press the START button and point your device at the target image below. Make sure the image is completely within your camera view. Wibble, Dibble & Splattt will do the rest! Once the AR effect comes alive, feel free to move your device all around the graphic to get the full picture of how cool this technology really is.

Press the target image for a larger version. Print the target and take it with you to amaze your family and friends.

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